The Christmas bazaar

It is a tradition that students, teachers and parents use the months during fall working hard at creating different hand made products that are subsequently sold at our Christmas bazaar in our beautiful valley at Lækjarbotnum. This year our tradition will continue but with a twist, as our society is adjusting to a new norm. With respect to our community and safety of everyone during these trialing times the bazaar will be hosted online only and we will not be receiving any visitors to Lækjarbotnar this year.

It should be emphasized that the bazaar is the only and consequently the biggest fundraiser for our school.

Throughout the years we have always had a variety of events during the Christmas bazaar such as a lottery, children’s café, a café buffet, puppet show, a tour of our area and so much more. Every year the bazaar has been attended by a high number of people and has marked the beginning of the upcoming holidays. Despite the situation in current society we continue on striving and hope that when spring arrives we will be able to reunite for a fun day at Lækjarbotnum and make up for lost time, as well as conveniently celebrate that our school has been serving the community for 30 years this upcoming year.

Click here for direct access to the online Christmas bazaar

And take a moment to look, admire and purchase our beautiful handmade products.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and greatly appreciate your contribution by purchasing products at our online Christmas bazaar this year, And your continued support for our school, students and faculty.